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What Makes MedValue Different ?

What makes MedValue different is our laser sharp focus, the methods we employ and the integration of services and technologies we customize for our clients which translates to the highest levels of accuracy and turnaround times.

Customer Experience
At MedValue we are going to spoil you with attention and responsiveness. Here's why:

data entry outsourcing  Our company is easy to do business with

data entry outsourcing  We minimize the investment of time required by you to work with us

data entry outsourcing  We are responsive and solve problems in hours, not in days

data entry outsourcing  We are small enough to treat you as a Strategic account and large enough to meet your growing needs

data entry outsourcing  We enhance the productivity of your staff using a hybrid offshore model and cutting-edge tools like our web-based Workflow Management System™ (WMS) and Document Management System (DMS)

data entry outsourcing  We enable you to improve your employees’ morale, compensation, and overall job satisfaction

data entry outsourcing  We enable you to serve your physicians better and retain them for life

Strategy and Focus

data entry outsourcing  We exclusively focus on your needs

data entry outsourcing Our professional staff is college-educated and has years of experience in healthcare processes and claims processing

data entry outsourcing  Our entire company’s business design and business processes are optimized to serve the healthcare industry.

Compliance with HIPAA and other regulatory requirements of customers

data entry outsourcing  We are a U.S. Corporation and will sign a Business Associate Agreement with your company, which is enforceable by U.S. laws

data entry outsourcing Our centers in India comply with HIPAA privacy and security standards

About Us

MedValue is a U.S. Corporation with offices in Chicago, Los Angeles and state of the art facilities in India. We help solve the unique challenges of our clients with our high quality, affordable onshore/offshore talent and proven technology.
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Our customers get the attention, responsiveness, quality, compliance, rapid turnaround and care that you can expect from a top-tier U.S.-based company, and at the price of an offshore company.
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To learn more about MedValue, look through our web site or Click here to request a call back. We are always available by phone, too.
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