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We typically provide over 99% accuracy and 1-2 day turnarounds, with most clients getting data back in under 24 hours. 

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Phone Number : 1-877-528-1683

MedValue is one of the leading providers of outsourced Data Entry and Data Mining Services worldwide. We are based in the Chicagoland area and work for customers in various industries by reducing their costs and improving efficiencies within their organizations. We combine the expertise of our U.S. based Management Team and the talents of our staff in the U.S. and Offshore to collaborate with our customers.

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Industries supported

We guarantee over 99% accuracy and fast turnarounds of as low as 24 hours for daily turnaround projects.

We provided as low as 15 minutes turnaround for certain mission critical and/or real-time processing projects. 

With deep business process expertise and proven track record, we help our clients grow revenue and profits without hassles of hiring and/or managing staff. Our seasoned Management team brings significant and relevant experience in solving key business challenges for our clients.  

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Phone Number : 1-877-528-1683