Paper Claims Processing Services  
Paper Claims Processing Services
Paper Claims Processing Services
Physician Groups, IPAs & Hospitals
MedValue offers Billing Support Services to clients who are seeking to relieve themselves of the pressures of hiring, training and motivating employees and desire to grow their business with confidence and certainty.

Simple and affordable, MedValue's Billing Support Services cut costs of operations, reduces employee headaches, improves accuracy, and provides you the flexibility to grow without having to add people or office space.


  • You focus your time on bringing in new physician accounts and not on hiring, training, and motivating ineffective staff.
  • Our billing experts assist your staff in charge-entry, payment posting and other manual chores while your billing staff focus on negotiating payments with payers and on improving collections for your physician customers.


MedValue Solutions

MedValue Healthcare Services  MedValue Charge Entry™
MedValue Charge Entry allows your staff to focus on more productive, revenue-generating activities.
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MedValue Healthcare Services  MedValue Complete™
MedValue Complete™ is a cost-effective, end-to-end solution designed to streamline your operations and improve you profits.
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MedValue Healthcare Services  MedValue Workflow Management System™ (WMS™)
MedValue Workflow Management System™ (WMS™) is the web-based tool that provides you up-to-the-minute access to your accounts and enables Communication and Collaboration with your extended MedValue Team in India.
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