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data entry outsourcing
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What We Offer

While MedValue might be most closely associated with data entry outsourcing, our operation is actually far more diverse and advanced. We offer a number of different services to our client companies, and we back each service with college-educated staff in India. Each of our staff members is uniquely experienced in various business processes in a variety of industries, and that means they're able to perform at an expert level on virtually every task our clients require.

Save Money by Offshoring Even the Most Critical Business Processes

MedValue remains one of the top outsourcing companies largely because of our diverse pool of services. Clients in a variety of industries, who are looking to outsource to India can count on our professionals to provide the following essential services:

  • Administrative Services
  • Back-office Support
  • Internet Research
  • Graphic Design & Copywriting Services
  • Marketing & Sales Leads Capture
  • Software & Website Testing
  • Legal Coding or Transcription
  • Data Mining from Website
  • Data Entry (Online & Forms)
  • Industry & Competitor Data Compilation

It's easy to see why our clients consider MedValue to be a one-stop solution for virtually all of their needs. Our affordable rates and college-educated expert staff that make it easy to see why those companies to India actually benefit, rather than compromise.

A Great Resource for Companies Trying to Contain Costs and yet Maintain Quality

MedValue, one of the leading outsourcing companies, represents the best combination of quality, affordability, and professionalism for those companies looking to outsource data entry or other services.

How you will benefit
outsourcing companies  Save 75% over your current      U.S. based employee costs

outsourcing companies  Reliable (We do what we say)

outsourcing companies  College Educated Staff

outsourcing companies  We can provide large teams

outsourcing companies  Fair Pricing and Flexible Terms

  Guarantees backed up by      refunds

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