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MedValue Complete™ - Billing Support Service

MedValue offers Billing Support Services to successful third-party medical billing companies. MedValue Complete™ is a cost-effective, end-to-end solution that is uniquely customized to improve your profits and relieve you of the pressures of hiring, training and motivating ineffective employees.

MedValue Complete™ Solution

1. Electronically Scanned Documents:
Documents are scanned in your offices and are seamlessly and securely accessed by our offshore center using the MedValue Platform.

2. Verify and Validate accompanied documents:
Documents are split into batches and reviewed for completeness, quality and readability.

3. Accurate Coding:
Diagnosis, Procedure Codes and modifiers are assigned as per your descriptions and guidelines. Modification of certain codes may be made as per carrier requirement (e.g. certain insurance carriers require ASA code).

4. We use the following industry coding standards:

  • Diagnosis Codes (ICD-9: International Classification of Disease)
  • Procedure Codes (CPT-4: Current Procedural Terminology)
  • Coding for Inpatient Services (ICD-9)
  • Drug Codes (NDC: National Drug Codes)
  • Dental Procedure Codes (CDT: Current Dental Terminology)
  • Other Procedure Codes (HCPCS: Healthcare Procedure Coding System)
5. Diligent Auditing:
Quality Control department audits the coded charge sheets.

6. Process Patient Demographics Information:
Our team members process, verify and validate demographic information of patient.

7. Claim Submission:
Claims to be submitted to the payer electronically using a clearinghouse.

8. Denied Claims Processing:
Denied claims are processed, analyzed, corrected, updated and prepared for re-submission.

9. Extensive AR Analysis:
Experienced AR Analysts run insurance reports and identify claims over 30 days.

10. EOB Processing and Payment Posting:
Insurance payments are posted to the patient accounts from EOBs into the billing agencies' existing software package.

11. Reporting:
Regular reporting enables billing agency to closely monitor performance and provide feedback to improve the process.
Key Benefits
  • As the company owner, you focus your time on bringing in new physician accounts and not on hiring, training, and motivating ineffective staff.
  • Our billing experts assist your staff in charge-entry, payment posting and other manual chores while your billing staff focus on negotiating payments with payors and on improving collections for your physician customers.

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Why MedValue?

What makes MedValue different is our laser sharp focus, the methods we employ and the integration of services and technologies we customize for our clients which translates to the highest levels of accuracy and turnaround times.
outsourcing companies

Our customers get the attention, responsiveness, quality, compliance, rapid turnaround and care that you can expect from a top-tier U.S.-based company, and at the price of an offshore company.
outsourcing companies

To learn more about MedValue, look through our web site or Click here to request a call back. We are always available by phone, too.
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